About Us

Who We Are

Bison Transport was incorporated in 1969 by owner Duncan M. Jessiman, who continues to provide leadership to the Company as Chairman and sole shareholder. Utilizing specialized equipment, Bison began providing local cartage services to the construction industry and was then awarded the catalogue business first for Eaton's and then Sears.

Bison has grown from just 18 tractors and 32 employees to over 1400 tractors and approximately 2000 full time positions.

One of the largest carriers in Canada today, Bison Transport serves Canada and the 48 nearby states. As a high-service, dependable and value creating supply chain partner, Bison Transport offers full truckload service, full service logistics, dedicated fleet operations, yard management and Warehousing & Distribution.

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Mission Statement

Our Core Values

Satisfied customers drive our success. Bison Transport builds and engages the most effective workforce in the transportation industry. We hire and retain the best people and we continually develop ourselves through training and mentoring. We foster a culture of respect, family, friendliness, professionalism, and the aggressive pursuit of success. We use our unique environment to deliver safe, reliable and innovative transportation services to our customers.

Bison cares... because we're people driven!

People | Communication | Learning | Innovation | Environment | Profit
Safety | Fun | Security | Health | Compliance

What We Do

Bison Transport is proud to offer six distinct services to our customers. Select one of the divisions below to find out more, or view our Areas of Operations.

Awards and Recognition

As a leader in the transportation industry, we have made significant strides towards excellence in many important areas of our business. Find out more about how Bison Transport has been recognized for its commitment to safety, leadership, and initiative.

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How We Lead

From Customs and Security, to Employee and Highway Safety, find out more about how Bison Transport leads the industry

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Environmental Awareness

Whether it is through our idle reduction technologies, recycling programs, efficient routing practices, or newer equipment, Bison looks to provide environmentally conscious freight transportation services.

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