Don Streuber, Executive Chairman

Don Streuber

Executive Chairman

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Rob Penner, President & CEO

Rob Penner

President & CEO

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Trevor Fridfinnson, Chief Operating Officer

Trevor Fridfinnson

Chief Operating Officer

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Mike Ludwick, Chief Administrative Officer

Mike Ludwick

Chief Administrative Officer

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Damiano Coniglio, Chief Financial Officer

Damiano Coniglio

Chief Financial Officer

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Brad Gerrard, Chief Information Officer

Brad Gerrard

Chief Information Officer

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Steve Zokvic, SVP, Operations

Steve Zokvic

SVP, Operations

Jeff Pries, SVP, Sales & Marketing

Jeff Pries

SVP, Sales & Marketing

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Kevin Abbott, SVP, Logisitics

Kevin Abbott

SVP, Logisitics

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Doug Romanuk, SVP, West Region

Doug Romanuk

SVP, West Region

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Linda Young, VP, HR & People Development

Linda Young

VP, HR & People Development

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Rod Hendrickson, VP, Finance & Administration

Rod Hendrickson

VP, Finance & Administration

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Mike Gomes, VP, Maintenance

Mike Gomes

VP, Maintenance

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Helen Kasdorf, Chief Administration Officer, Bison USA

Helen Kasdorf

Chief Administration Officer, Bison USA

Dave Martin, VP, Eastern Operations

Dave Martin

VP, Eastern Operations

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