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Bison Transport

Q: Are all applicants notified?
A: Suitable candidates will be invited to Bison Transport for an introductory interview to be followed by a supervisory interview for short-listed candidates. All interviewed candidates will be notified upon conclusion of the search for the career opportunity.

Q: How long do you keep resumes on file?
A: Resumes are retained six months for consideration of future career opportunities

Q: How long is orientation?
A: Orientation is a full eight hour day.

Q: How long is the interview process?
A: The typical duration of an introductory interview at Bison Transport is 30 minutes to 1 hour. These are examples of questions that may be asked of you: Provide an example of a project you successfully completed. Describe a difficult situation you've faced in the workplace and the outcome.
* The supervisor interview process is the same as indicated above, the exception being that you may be meeting with more than one person and would also be more specific to the position being interviewed for.

Q: Do I need to bring anything for the interview?
A: Yes. References and copies of credentials

Q: Does Bison have an exercise facility?
A: In our Winnipeg & Calgary offices, we have a full exercise facility with treadmills, elipticals, free weights, and universal gym.

Q: What is Bison's community involvement?
A: At Bison Transport, we have a deeply rooted community spirit. That's why we give back to the community and continuously concentrate our efforts on helping people. To care for those around us, we provide support through charitable giving and the commitment of our time. Our community work focuses on meeting the needs of people. Bison Transport's community support has included the transportation of food and necessities for those in need, hiring and designing work programs for challenged individuals and offering financial assistance. Bison Transport is truly people driven.

Q: What is Bison's culture?
A: Every Bison Transport employee is viewed as an important team member. Each person contributes in their own unique way to the success of our organization. To recognize this, Bison Transport hosts company events such as weekly BBQ's throughout the summer, family day celebrations, as well as Corporate and Service award evenings. We were voted one of the Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2013.

Q: What is Bison's commitment to continual development?
A: Bison believes that investing in our people is an absolute necessity. Our company funded Staff Educational Assistance Program encourages our employees to engage in professional development pursuits and lifelong learning. Bison Transport offers training and development support designed to expand our employees' potential. We want Bison Transport employees to wake up every morning excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and to focus their energies on being a solution provider to our customers.

Q: What are your hours of work?

A: As a continuous operation, Bison Transport offers a variety of shifts, which include:

The shifts have been established based on departmental needs and are not necessarily available in each department. Shifts are based on daytime hours, unless otherwise specified.