Jeff Pries

SVP, Sales & Marketing

Jeff Pries is our Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, and is responsible for the ongoing business development needs of the company.

Jeff provides leadership in all areas of sales, revenue generation, marketing, strategy, branding, network analytics and team building throughout the organization, including its related companies. As a member of the company’s Executive Team since 2000, Jeff has helped grow the organization into one of North America’s leading transportation and logistics providers.

Jeff received his bachelor of administration degree from Tabor College in Kansas in 1987. Shortly after receiving his degree he joined Reimer Express Enterprises in Toronto. While there, Jeff held a variety of sales and operations positions in various divisions. In 1991, Jeff transferred to Manitoba to lead the sales and marketing team at Big Freight Systems, which he did until 1999 when he decided to join Bison Transport. Since joining Bison, Jeff’s leadership in business development has allowed Bison to become one of Canada’s premier transportation and logistics companies. In summer 2016, Jeff relocated to Mississauga, Ont. with Bison in his current position to be based in the east and continue to impact the business and its development from that location.

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