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Bison Transport

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Interview Process

Our process generally begins with a brief telephone screen. Telephone screens give us an opportunity to confirm your skill-set, interests, desired compensation, etc. and verify the match between our needs and your strengths. When there is enough common ground, the telephone interview is generally followed-up by an in-person interview.

The first in-person interview is a Behavioural Style Interview with a member of our HR/People Development team. Pending the outcome of the first interview, secondary interviews will take place with the hiring Manager (and potentially another individual within the department) within one to two weeks. The typical duration of an interview at Bison Transport is 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

The purpose of the behavioral interview is to ensure we hire the best candidate possible. Behavioral Style Interviewing is based on the belief that past performance is the best predictor of future success. It is important to us to ask similar questions of every candidate to ensure we receive consistent information.

These are examples of questions that may be asked of you:

Reference checking is the final step of the process and is done to substantiate and validate information received throughout the recruitment and interview process.

How to Prepare

Bison's website has been specifically designed to assist you in getting introductory business information about our company. A great step to preparing for an interview is to spend some time reviewing information contained on our website.

Some general advice that may be helpful is to try to relax and be yourself. Our interviews confirm your skills, qualifications and fit for our organization. We strive to understand how your career aspirations align with our business objectives. Be yourself and try to convey information that provides insight into what we can expect from you as an employee and co-worker!

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