Thursday Oct 28, 2021

Bison is excited to be involved in the Alberta Motor Transport Association’s (AMTA) Cooperative Truck Platooning System project. Bison’s involvement is in the initial stages, with preliminary testing recently performed in Blainville, PQ and Alberta highways testing to commence in November. Leading-edge technology, driver and public safety, and sustainability and fuel economy improvements, are a few of the keys to project success. 

“These outcomes will also provide many benefits, including improving efficiencies for customers and driving experiences for our Drivers. We are looking forward to what platooning might mean for our industry.” says Mike Gomes, Vice President, Maintenance at Bison Transport.

“For many Drivers, volunteering for an opportunity like this is more that just a job, it is a chance to be part of innovation - to be pioneers in the technology of platooning.”

Bison Transport recognizes that, as a leader in the industry, it is important to invest in new technology, safety, and efficiency solutions. Our partnership with the AMTA, Transport Canada, Pronto, the University of Alberta, Solaris Fatigue Management, Tantus, PMG Technologies, and Esso Commercial Cardlock will study the safety and benefits of platooning on our highways.

“Safety has become a cornerstone of who Bison Transport is identified with throughout our industry. This initiative aligns perfectly with this core operating philosophy, and we are pleased to be the dedicated carrier for these trials,” says a statement from Bison Transport. “We would like to recognize our professional driver volunteers that have committed to participating, effectively paving the way for the future development and eventual deployment of this technology on our roadways.” says Mike Gomes.

About Platooning

Driver-assist technology – provided by Pronto – will allow close-proximity following in platoon formation, reducing drag, and increasing fuel efficiency. Other sensors, radar and camera technology will end information between the trucks to ensure safe operations including, active braking and acceleration systems responding to any acceleration and deceleration by the lead vehicle.

The project includes ensuring platooning technology is tested for the safety of vehicle operators as well as the motoring public. The pilot will be unique in its study of human factor considerations and use during different seasons – including cold Alberta winters.

About Bison Transport

Bison, recently acquired by James Richardson & Sons, Limited (JRSL), is a Winnipeg-headquartered transportation company established in 1969 and has grown to become one of Canada's largest trucking companies with over 3,700 employees and contractors operating a fleet of 2,100 tractors and 6,000 trailers throughout North America. Together with its affiliated companies, H.O. Wolding, Searcy Trucking and Britton Transport, Bison services a wide variety of multinational, national and local customers.

About James Richardson & Sons, Limited

Established in 1857, James Richardson & Sons, Limited is a private, family-owned and operated corporation involved in global agriculture and food processing, as well as energy exploration, transportation and marketing, financial services, insurance and real estate. Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, JRSL has assets and operations strategically located across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

About Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA)

The Alberta Motor Transport Association is a not-for-profit, advocacy and safety training association function as The Voice, The Standard and The Resource for commercial transportation in Alberta. For more than 80 years, our work has encompassed a broad range of environmental, social, economic, safety and compliance matters that impact provincial highways. Research and innovation is not at the forefront of our projects, enabling AMTA to bring key stakeholders together to lead research and develop new technologies that will significantly enhance the industry while reducing human and environmental impacts.

For more information, please contact:

Mike Gomes, Vice President, Maintenance, Bison Transport

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