Bison Transport has become the first Canadian transportation company to sell carbon credits, according to the CSA CleanProject Registry.
Thursday Jul 07, 2011

Winnipeg-based Bison sold 10,737 tons of credits - technically known as carbon dioxide equivalent credits - to L2I Financial Solutions.

The GHG reductions traded are the result of various fuel efficient strategies including aerodynamic improvements (such as tractor trailer gap fairing, trailer belly skirts, and aerodynamic profile tractor), speed and driver management, truck idling control strategies, using more intermodal transportation, and long combination vehicles, and investing in tire efficient technology such as low-rolling resistance tires.

Norm Sneyd, vice president of business development at Bison Transport says the company's sustainable transportation strategy has improvement fuel efficiency throughout all of the company's operations.

"Our partnership with organizations such as Natural Resources Canada's FleetSmart program and the United States EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership ties directly into our on-going commitment to be more efficient and environmentally responsible," says Sneyd. "It is our commitment to corporate social responsibility and our means of ensuring that we do what is right to protect our business, our jobs, our customers and our environment."

The carbon credits were sold to L2I Financial Solutions, which then sold them to LivCLean. LivClean invests in environmental projects around the world that remove, reduce and eliminate the creation of greenhouse gases, and by doing so helps businesses and individuals reduce their carbon emissions.