Bison Transport’s Gary de Vos Named Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association
Friday Jul 04, 2014

July 4th, 2014 – Gary de Vos, a professional Driver for Bison Transport, has been named a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association and was presented with a certificate, patch and lapel pin. He has been honored with this title for his act of heroism on April 23, 2014. Gary was driving on Highway 1 just east of Winnipeg when he noticed a brown-colored heap at the side of the road. He decided to investigate and discovered a shivering man underneath a brown blanket.

This man had hit a deer, which caused his car to overturn and skid off the roadway into watery muskeg. He managed to crawl out of the wreck and back to the side of the road, taking a blanket from the car for its meager warmth. He sat there shivering and in shock for more than 45 minutes and counted nearly 30 cars speed pass before Gary stopped.

Gary brought the man into his truck and cranked up the heat. His cell phone was out of signal service and he could not reach anyone through the CB radio but he was able to notify his fleet manager of the problem through satellite communication. Eventually, someone did stop and offer assistance. That person was able to call 9-1-1, and Gary explained what had happened to the operator. Gary kept the accident victim warm and waited with him until help arrived.

“Gary demonstrated an important characteristic of a professional Driver – protecting the people we share the roads with,” says Garth Pitzel, Director of Safety and Driver Development. “Bison Transport is very proud of Gary and the actions he displayed in assisting this motorist in his time of need.”

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