Bison Transport Partners with Bose Corporation in a Driver Health and Wellness Study
Wednesday Feb 20, 2013

Winnipeg, MB, Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - Bison Transport is pleased to announce a partnership with the Bose Corporation in a Driver Health and Wellness study to begin in April 2013. Bose is rolling out a new Driver seat called the Bose Ride System, which was designed to reduce vibration while driving. The study will examine the overall effect this has on Drivers and is expected to last 9 months. Bison is joining forces with several large US fleets on this study and is currently the only Canadian fleet asked to participate.

The goal of the study is to learn more about the impact that reduced vibration has on the overall health and wellness of Drivers, who are exposed to excessive levels of bouncing, jarring and shaking while driving – also known as whole body vibration. The Bose Ride system replaces the conventional air-ride truck seat with a Bose suspension base and an integrated custom-designed seat top. It will provide Drivers with an unprecedented level of protection from road-induced shocks and vibration.

The cost of this highly specialized seat is significantly higher than current top of the line seat specs, which is why this system needs to be studied to understand the actual costs and benefits of this technology. To consider this study successful the Bose Ride System must demonstrate there was a positive impact on Drivers’ overall health and wellness, as well as Driver satisfaction and retention level.

Bose will be demonstrating the Bose Ride System in Bison Transport’s Winnipeg, Calgary and Mississauga terminals in the upcoming weeks.

The Bose Ride System

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