Bison featured in Mississauga Business Times "Driving change in transportation"
Monday Jul 01, 2013

Mississauga Business Times



Driving change in transportation


Bison's trophy case continues to fill as trucking firm rapidly advancies its claim to be one of the best firms in the sector.


These are trying times for the trucking industry. Gas prices continue to rise. Gridlock is killing businesses, and raising the blood pressure of drivers. Border crossings get longer and longer. And there's a serious shortage of skilled drivers. But the good news is this: trucking is still the great driver of the Canadian economy, and getting the goods to market is why transportation has to be one of the most important industry sectors.


Couple that with the logistics business, and the movement of product is one of the great one-two punches in corporate Canada. Few trucking companies have succeeded like Bison Transport, headquartered in Winnipeg, has a growing presence in Mississauga, including a new building slated to rise up in 2014.


Bison Transport is one of the largest transportation companies in Canada, offering a smorgasbord of transportation and logistics solutions to the industry for 44 years.


Recognized by the TCA (Truckload Carrier’s Association) as North America’s Sa fest Fleet, Bison is a high-service, dependable and value creating supply chain partner. It offers truckload service, LTL service, asset based logistics, intermodal, dedicated fleet operations, yard management and warehousing & distribution. It's also an active member of Natural Resources Canada's FleetSmart Program.

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