Monday Mar 16, 2020

As a transportation company its crucial that precautionary measures are in place to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19. Our primary focus is on the health and safety of our people and our customers. As per our Pandemic Plan, we will ensure business operations are continued to the best of our ability to meet the ongoing needs of our customers.

Our People

The trucking industry is an essential service and our operations and administrative staff have work continuity plans in place to ensure our operations are not affected by COVID-19. These plans would accommodate 70% of our non-driving operations personnel to work from home, should the need arise. We continue to work to increase those capabilities for the remainder of our workforce to deliberately reduce the number of people in our workplaces. We have eliminated all large gatherings and are meeting and communicating electronically wherever possible. We have also eliminated all business air travel and have limited external access to our facilities and our trucks.

Our fleet of Professional Drivers is being communicated with regularly to keep them apprised of any updates. Due to the nature of their isolated roles, Professional Drivers are considered low risk in obtaining COVID-19 but all necessary precautions are being taken including mandatory self-screening for all staff and visitors prior to entry into any of our terminals. If any Driver, staff member or member of their household is feeling ill or has travelled overseas or to the US by air (since March 13, 2020) they have been instructed to notify their supervisor immediately who will take appropriate next steps.

Our Operations

Bison Transport has a diverse operations strategy with fully functional operating centers in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia, as well as four additional locations in the USA. Each of our locations are capable of taking on additional work should one of our locations experience reduced productivity. We are committed to communicating with our customers if any business is impacted due to the result of the virus.